Aktiv Reg’d Bouvier des Flandres


What is our mission?

We breed occasionally with the objective of preserving the characteristics that make Bouviers what they are: powerful, robust, bold. Our dogs are first and foremost family members and we breed to ensure both health and temperament. A lot of information is considered in breeding decisions, we research pedigrees and complete health testing on all of our dogs included in our breeding program. Our puppies are raised in our home using 'Puppy Culture' protocols and exposed to a wide variety of experiences before going to their new homes.

Grace WB Whidbey

Sylvi Holmsen & Robert Wong


Sylvi is the driving force behind Aktiv Bouviers.  She makes most of the breeding decisions and

does the training and showing of the dogs.


Robert provides moral support and assists with the puppy raising and socialization.

dog 2

Labour of Love

Our dogs are part of our family.  As preservation breeders, we strive to produce happy, healthy representatives of the Bouvier breed and maintain the characteristics for which the breed was developed.  

Winners in the Show Ring

All of the dogs in our breeding program have proven themselves in the show ring and many also excel in performance sports.


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